Next Modern Learning Monthly Dialogue

Challenges that Learning Creators Have in Applying the Model

April 7th at Noon ED
In our monthly dialogues, we’ve been hearing themes emerge of Learning Cluster Design application challenges you face – and the great ideas we all have for one another.

During the 4/7 Monthly Modern Learning Dialogue, we will dive into two big challenges that learning creators have in applying the model within their organizations.

As a community, we will discuss:

  • Solutions on where to house and organize your Learning Clusters
  • Solutions to drive awareness and application of your Learning Cluster.

WHAT TO EXPECT DURING THE DIALOGUE: Remember, this is a dialogue, not a presentation – it’s a more intimate, engaging than you might expect! Each one of our Monthly Dialogues open with networking, followed by a brief 15 min share from a speaker. The speaker will share their experience and perspectives on modern learning broadly or a particular aspect of the Learning Cluster Design model. Once this is completed, we open for dialogue as a community. We typically close with breakout rooms so you can keep learning and networking with fellow community members!

✨ Ongoing community and dialogue is what pushes us all to explore new insights! ✨

If you’re new to the model, you can learn more by watching the video below and exploring our youtube channel + website:

  • Youtube channel: See the Getting Started and Learning Cluster Examples Playlists
  • Website: See the FAQs and About the Model pages under the About section

Our Modern Learning Monthly Dialogues are FREE so grab a friend and REGISTER HERE for our event next Thursday, April 7th!