As I look back on the last two years, I’m proud of all the work we’ve accomplished in spreading the LCD model. But I still see a lot of room to grow!

So many of you want to learning to have lasting impact and appreciate the idea of surrounding learners with learning assets, in a time, place, and way that works for their needs. So many of you share our desire to break out of the one and done learning design paradigm.

If you haven’t yet built your capability to make this dream a reality, is now the time for you?

Starting April 25th we will be hosting our next LCD Virtual Practicum facilitated by LCD brand director and consultant, Jen Collins, and LCD coach and founder of The Overnight Trainer, Sarah Cannistra, and YOU are invited to join!

Jen Collins & Sarah Connistra

Build your own learning cluster for your current work initiative, all while learning the model so you keep making more learning clusters in the future!

Made for those that want to make a real modern learning impact – a practicum by definition implies a practical experience, guided by an expert. This is learning by doing and moving beyond awareness level capability in the LCD model.

So what would actually happens during the practicum? When you join us for our learning experience you get:
✅ 1 Work Project transformed into a Learning Cluster
✅ 5 LIVE, interactive virtual sessions with two expert LCD facilitators
✅ Self-paced online modules for each of the five Actions
✅ Practice exercises to expand your application of the model
✅ A cohort buddy to network with and bounce ideas off of
✅ A 1:1 coaching session with an LCD facilitator

The course is 2 days spread across 3 weeks. Check out the video below to better understand the time commitment required and overall practicum experience!


just two weeks, you will create a learning cluster that could take months otherwise.

Below you can see a few examples of what previous participants were able to produce in the practicum

Donna’s Learning Cluster on Agile Capability – LCD Practicum

Jeff Irwin’s Learning Cluster Technician Efficiency – High Business Impact

As you can see the practicum is compatible for any industry or learning challenge because the Learn Cluster Design Model is compatible for any industry and learning challenge! See what our last round of graduates say about the practicum they completed in January by watching the video below.

Reflecting on the January 2022 Practicum

Jen and Sarah are getting very excited to meet our next cohort of learners!

If you are ready to start designing modern learning, register below.

What questions do you have about the LCD Groups 2-week virtual practicum? Join the conversation on LinkedIn