A Review of the Top Learning Dialogues from 2021

One of the Learning Cluster Design Model’s best features is how applicable it is to different industries and learning challenges. Throughout 2021 we continued hosted our monthly Modern Learning Dialogue events where L&D leaders shared how they were applying the model and utilizing learning clusters in their line of work. These dialogues offer L&D professionals the opportunity to grow and learn more about the LCD Model and also network with like mind professional in the community. Below are some of our top community dialogues that paint a visual as to how important and malleable the model is to any industry or learning challenge!

In this first video Andrew Tiffany, from Cengage, shares an example of how he is using the LCD Model to create a learner-driven experience that changes on-the-job competencies for sales and marketing professionals:

Here, Jeff Lowndes, learning leader at Snapchat, discusses Relational Scaffolding, a learning asset that is L&D supported social learning in the LCD Model:

The LCD Model is also a great way to support DEI initiatives in the workplace. Karen Bryan-Chambers, Director at New Leaders, shares her work developing leaders and their DEI capability through building a Learning Cluster here:

In this clip, Lori McDaniel, LCD workshop alumni and DEI trainer, shares how she built a learning cluster for Black History month as an experiment to work on diversity, equity, and inclusion at her organization:

The way we work has changed so much over the last 2 years and we are still continuing to adjust and evolve. Below Jess Almlie, VP of Learning Experiences at WEX Health, shares her thoughts on modern learning and how she and her team are evolving their organization together:

The pandemic has pushed many of us to a more digital workspace but even without it the use of technology and digital platforms has grown exponentially in the past few years. This means that we will continuously be developing trainings and learning assets around that use of different tools. Enid Crystal, Learning Experience Designer, gives a great talk on how she creates learning repositories for learning clusters using Microsoft Teams below:

We all know is that learning is always evolving and the LCD Model provides ample opportunity to meet learners where they are so they can learn in the flow-of-work. Loc Nguyen, L&D Director at Bluescape, shares his thoughts on modern learning and how he and his team are evolving their organization together by utilizing the LCD Model:

Thank you to all of these L&D pros who have shared their experience and expertise! As you can see from these video clips, the LCD Model not only works to develop new strategy and learning assets but builds on and helps update learning assets you are already utilizing. The model is very applicable to any industry or learning challenge. We invite all L&D professions to our monthly dialogue. Don’t forget to register below to take advantage of these awesome learning and networking opportunities!

We want to hear from you! The LCD Model is applicable to any learning opportunity. What industry do you want to see examples of the the LCD Modeling being applied and utilized? Join the conversation on LinkedIn