Recap: Measuring Learning Impact with Jack Phillips from the ROI Institute
Earlier this month we had a special opportunity to hear from Jack Phillips, L&D measurement luminary from the ROI Institute, on how the LCD Model and modern measurement go hand in hand and how to get started on measuring ROI of your learning efforts. As we know from the Track Action of the LCD Model, measuring the impact of our evaluating the impact of the learning cluster is very important! But why and how do we do this? Jack answers this question by reminding us that hope is not a strategy and explains what outcomes top CEOs are seeking from L&D programs.
During the event Jack walked us through The ROI Methodology Process Model which is a 12-step process that guides L&D to plan an evaluation, collect data, analyze data, and optimize results.
You can check out the full conversation by watching the video below to hear Jack breakdown all 12-steps and learn more about the benefits of Track Transformation!

Some key payoffs of tracking the return on investment of your learning programs are the ability to:

  • Justify and defend budgets
  • Align projects to business needs
  • Show contributions of selected projects
  • Earn respect of senior management / administration
  • Build staff morale
  • Improve support for projects
  • Enhance design and implementation processes
  • Identify inefficient projects that need to be redesigned or eliminated
  • Identify successful projects that can be implemented in other areas
  • Earn a seat at the table

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