Hello Learning Cluster Design Community!

One of the best ways to understand the LCD Model is to see it in action! At the beginning of the month we were joined by Edoardo Gironi, Founder & CEO of Apprendere, for our Monthly Modern Learning Dialogue. Edoardo shared how the Learning Cluster Design Model fits perfectly with digital learning in organizations and gave real-life examples of how he is currently applying the model.

First, Edoardo shared his take on what digital learning actually means. Digital Learning is a learning method based on the use of new digital tools to enable learners to learn in a different way, whether it be face-to-face, distance learning (asynchronous or synchronous) or blended learning. It is therefore not simply a question of digitizing educational content but of a set of educational methods. He shared that “learning is changing. And therefore, to change is to learn.”

Edoardo then dove into real-life examples. He is a champion of the Learning Cluster Design model, and he and his team have applied it in various ways.

LCD Model Applied In Retail Fashion
As an executive coach and digital learning consultant, Edoardo had been working with a large retail fashion company who needed assistants with their training program. The pandemic had forced them to take a different approach then the large classroom trainings they had run in the past. By using the model, Edoardo, guided the company to create a Strategic Performance Objective (SPO) to drive higher engagement in employees in order to provide a better overall customer experience.

Once they created their SPO, they were able to identify traits of learner personas to cater their learning assets too. They were then able to surround their learners with a variety of learning assets (see the Surround Action of the LCD model). This allowed the company to select and design learning assets, thoughtfully, strategically, across the flow of work for the personas that were most likely to achieve the SPO. This has worked so well for the fashion company that employees are sharing with their colleagues how beneficial the new training is that they are constantly getting request to participate.

LCD Model Applied to Door-to-Door Sales
In Edoardo’s second example of applying the LCD Model, he discusses a company called Iceman Inc. which offers door-to-door frozen food services. They noted that the job is not easy and they were experiencing a high turn over rate. Edoardo helped them develop their SPO of reducing the number of new hires that leave the company during the two-month onboarding process. Iceman Inc was able to identify 4 learning personas and develop learning assets that encompass social, formal, and immediate aspects laid out by thee LCD Model. The new program was rolled out at the end of November and the company is now implementing and tracking the results in relation to the SPO.

It’s amazing to see how effortlessly Edoardo has worked the LCD Model into the executive coaching and digital learning industry as he helps companies establish their training needs! Check out the full video below:

How are you currently applying the Learning Cluster Design Model to digital learning? If you aren’t yet, how do you think it could benefit your organization? Join the conversation on LinkedIn