I recently explored the topic of modern learning with one of our fellow modern learning partners, leader at Squigl/Truscribe, Derrell Connon. We had a great conversation that revolved around how learning is evolving.

Derrell and I explored the idea that adopting an agile mindset has become very popular as of late, but in reality, this has been around for the last 20-25 years. As modern learning designers, we often question how we can move from such a heavily in person learning format to being primarily remote but we forget that we have nearly two decades of resource solutions to utilize. 

Check out our full discussion below!

Some key takeaways from the interview with Derrell include:

  • There are many benefits to bringing iteration and experimentation into the way we design learning
  • In an era where more and more people are working from home, online, and alone the need to access multiple learning resources has become more pronounced
  • We must evaluate the consequences of staying with the status quo for learning design and be open to the rewards of doing something different

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