In October, we are going to have our quarterly free-flowing dialogue, so we can explore topics that are most important to all of you. Facilitated by co-creator of the Learning Cluster Design model, Crystal Kadakia, we will explore one or more of the most commonly asked about topics:

  • Learner Personas
  • Social Learning <— But I also want to touch on this one 🙂
  • Remote Learning Tech
  • Designing in the Flow of Work <— The winner from our LinkedIn poll!

Come with your stories applying LCD, questions, and curiosities!

If you’re new to the model, you can learn more by watching the video below and exploring our youtube channel + website:

  • Youtube channel: See the Getting Started and Learning Cluster Examples Playlists
  • Website: See the FAQs and About the Model pages under the About section

This is a dialogue, not a presentation – it’s a more intimate, engaging hour than you might expect!

  • Each dialogue opens with networking, followed by a brief 15 min share from a speaker.
  • The speaker will share their experience and perspectives on modern learning broadly or a particular aspect of the Learning Cluster Design model.
  • Then, we open for dialogue as a community
  • We typically close with a breakout room so you can keep learning with fellow community members

These monthly dialogues are hosted by the LCD Group, who train and consult on the acclaimed Learning Cluster Design model. After 6 years and over 500 workshop graduates, we continue to learn that modern changes every day! Ongoing community and dialogue is what pushes us all to explore new insights!

The monthly modern dialogues seek to invite those L&D professionals who want to explore modern learning, connect about real life implementation, and expand their perspectives.

Date: Oct 7th, 2021
Time: 12 pm EST/9 am PST
Invitation: Make sure to register here to receive Zoom details. Even if you have accepted the LinkedIn event, you will still need to register.