It’s officially Fall and while the days will start to get shorter, we know that many of you are working hard on your 2022 learning strategy. As you gear up for a new year with new learning, have you asked yourself if you are focused on designing content for learning rather than designing content for learners?

Earlier in the Summer I was invited on The Training Business Podcast, where I shared how the Learning Cluster Design  model addresses the need to surround employees / learners with learning assets designed to close performance gaps. In the episode we discussed:

  • What Learning Cluster Design is
  • What the Learning Cluster Design model is
  • What Learner profiles and learning personas are
  • What are the 5 key LCD action points
  • Which 5 actions make up the LCD Model

Whether you are new to the model or have been implementing it for a while, this episode will help guide you in designing learner-centered clusters both smartly and strategically.

Listen here and let me know what you think by joining the conversation on LinkedIn.