Before the summer began, we celebrated our April virtual practicum graduates.

These L&D professionals from all over the world started the virtual practicum with just a single topic, and in just two short weeks, walked out of the workshop with a completed learning cluster to implement back on the job!

As we gear up for our October practicum, we wanted to take you behind the scenes and give you a glimpse into what you can expect inside this immersive, practical-application experience:

sample course outline

Early Access

Before we even begin the live sessions, all participants are given access to our learning portal. Here you are onboarded to the practicum, given access to all the materials you’ll need throughout the two weeks, and introduced to your fellow cohort members. One of the best parts of this experience is the community we create, and we begin to build those connections as soon as you login for the first time!

Week One
Self Study and Social Learning
We kick off our live session getting to know everyone and setting the participants up for success with their self study. During the first week, participants have access to deep dive video modules explaining the entire Learning Cluster Design model, as well as practice exercises and video walkthroughs of each tool. The best part – you get to choose your own learning path!

But the self study doesn’t happen on their own. The 2-week experience is built around social community and learning platform, Circle. On participants’ own time, they have a chance to process the material, reflect, share, and learn from others’ reflections. We see a lot of engagement on Circle that we could not have had in the live sessions alone!

Case Study
By the end of the week, we wrap up our second live session by putting everyone’s learnings together and practicing with a really fun, impactful case study!

Week Two

With week two, we are off to the races! During the first live session of the week, we review everyone’s case study results and shift gears into setting the framework for everyone’s learning cluster. Throughout the week, participants work on their learning cluster – but not without help from the LCD team!

Coaching on Their LCD Project
Each participant gets a 1:1 coaching session with an LCD facilitator to review their project, answer questions and provide insights. If that wasn’t enough, each participant gets asynchronous feedback on their project from Learning Cluster Design model co-creator, Crystal Kadakia.

Final Learning Cluster Presentations
Week two wraps up with everyone presenting their final learning cluster to the entire cohort. This is an opportunity to give and receive feedback on everyone’s clusters, from all different points of view. Not only do you leave the practicum with a completed learning cluster, but you leave with the ability to present your ideas confidently back on the job. 

Below, view an example of a final Learning Cluster presentation from past participant, Charles Green.




We will be sending out Welcome Letters next week for the October Public Practicum!
If you haven’t signed up yet, this is your last opportunity – we only have a few more spaces left!

If you want to completely reimagine how you look at learning in just two weeks, join us for our October public practicum. Better yet, bring a friend or colleague with you to make it double the amount of fun (and we’ll give you both a special deal)!

When: October 4th – 15th, Early Access starts Sept 20th
Where: Remote, connected via Circle social learning platform and Zoom for live sessions
Who: Are you responsible for helping others learn? Internal L&D, external consultants, customer education professionals, educators, and organizational change leaders are all finding this model useful as their core strategy for designing learning.