Designing for modern learners is not as straightforward as we would expect. Modern learners have broad expectations – they all want something different. Some want a class, some want something digital, and with their varied contexts, it can be challenging to design for the “modern learner.”

So, how do we design with the modern learner in mind? In the video below, Learning Cluster Design model co-creator, Lisa M.D. Owens explains how to create learning experiences that meet the modern learner when, where and how they need and want to learn.

Some key takeaways from Lisa include:

  • Employees in the workplace using formal training only once every 3 months (on average)

  • Learning is happening every day of every week, and L&D need to be there in the learner’s moment of learning need

  • Strategically selecting learning assets and putting them into a learning cluster allows for learning in and out of the flow of work to deliver on the job performance.

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