Just as we were faced with a digital learning pivot in March of 2020, modern L&D professionals are starting to look at how the learning programs we created over the last 16+ months will fare as we navigate the “new normal” of training and developing a hybrid workforce. 

While this looks different for each organization, and there certainly isn’t a “one size fits all” approach, through our research we have found that choosing the right technology alongside a learning model that develops learners in the flow of work allows modern learning professionals to deliver more learning content, faster than they could before.

In the video below, Crystal shares with Greg DeVore, CEO of ScreenSteps how L&D can take advantage of new technology to create more learning assets, faster.

The key takeaways from this video are:

  • Choose tools that are easily updatable, easily accessible and relevant
  • The biggest challenge is letting go – we tend to do a lot of “adding, adding, adding” and not a lot of sunsetting 
  • At work, people’s full time job is not to learn, that’s our job. The more people have to filter through to find the information they need, the more resistance there will be to learning

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