Because the Gorilla Glue Company was expanding rapidly, more people needed onboarding, upskilling, and leadership skills. When the Learning and Development department surveyed the leadership on what they needed, the response was typical – management, after narrowing, decided on 78 training topics and they wanted them delivered within 12 months.

Traditionally, when given a laundry list of topics, L&D goes straight to their go-tos – one-and-done live training events, an eLearning course in the LMS, etc. It’s overwhelming to figure out personalized learning assets for that many problems when you don’t have a strategic process. With Learning Cluster Design, the L&D team was able to look at the training topics both individually and across the whole, designing infrastructure and individual learning clusters.

In the end, 78 Targeted Training Topics were approached through a Learning Cluster Design Strategy, building a norm of a Continuous Learning Culture.

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