Last month we introduced the intersectionality of DEI and L&D through the lens of the Learning Cluster Design model by looking at the Change Action, where we see an opportunity to create deeper, more anchoring notions when it comes to operationalizing DEI in the workplace.

Moving beyond the Change Action, one of the most critical barriers to creating real change is that most efforts develop and often mandate participation in a one-size-fits-all effort when individuals are likely in completely different places on their DEI journeys.

The Learn Action provides a process to help name, define, and explore the needs of different constituencies and where they are. This provides invaluable data to design more relevant, more effective “for me” learning that makes a difference and meets the learner where they are on their journey.

In the video clip below, I share what should be taken into consideration when creating learner personas for DEI efforts, how to tie them strategically to what you discovered in the Change Action, and some high-level, broad examples of what those personas might look like.

How would Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts at your organization be impacted by the consideration of where each person is on their DEI journey? Chime in with your thoughts on the topic on LinkedIn.

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