When you imagine a “Modern Learner,” what comes to mind? Many people we’ve asked that question automatically imagine a millennial, or someone who is really into technology. As we move from an industrial age to a digital one, when it comes to modern learning it’s not so much about technology, rather, it’s about choices surrounding learning.

At February’s dialogue, we will be exploring Learn-Ability and diving into learning mindsets with author and expert, Patricia McLagan.

As we get excited for the event, I wanted to share a clip where I talk about Learning Cluster Design’s approach to who is (and isn’t) a Modern Learner:

After watching the clip, is there anyone in your organization that you now consider a “Modern Learner” that you may not have before?

Want to learn more about how to design meaningful learning experiences for modern learners in your organization? Our book, Designing for Modern Learning: Beyond ADDIE and SAM provides a framework of four principles and five Actions on how to surround learners with meaningful learning assets for a given performance gap.

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