Here’s a REAL EXAMPLE of a Learning Cluster and L&D professional developed in our workshop.

ASK: We need new hire onboarding.

1 week long live class or blended learning to orient to company, orient to people, orient to technical skills, etc.

First, we get clear on the most critical differences we want to see on the job from the employee, with clear ROI for the business.

The L&D professional attending our workshop crafted a detailed goal for the Learning Cluster during the Change Action.

“By improving the onboarding process for new members of the Delivery Services organization, the business will benefit by reducing the time to contribution and thus, the associated onboarding costs.

The changes to on-the-job behavior that we will see are:

  • Greater collaboration between new and existing engineers
  • More feedback between engineers from managers
  • More effective use of the tools/resources available ”

With the greater specificity on outcomes, the L&D professional completed the remaining Actions and built the following Learning Cluster.

They made it clear that some of the learning assets are for only some of the personas – it’s not one size fits all learning!
They also heavily emphasized social learning, since the desired changes on-the-job were primarily social.

Have you been wondering how to take your capability further in delivering modern learning?

We are excited to complete a private session of the Learning Cluster Design workshop this month, and doing it 100% virtually! With COVID, we have been exploring new ways to upskill learners and have selected to use Slack as the main platform for the course. This is a new use case that contrasts with using Slack to augment other platforms (as far as we have determined speaking with Slack folks!). We are putting social and immediate learning at the center, which lines up with our model’s principles.

With over 400 workshop graduates, we’ve determined that limiting each cohort to a maximum of 15 people provides the best learning experience. 

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