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What is the OK-LCD Model?

The Owens-Kadakia Learning Cluster Design Model (OK-LCD Model) is a method to create flow of work, multi-asset learning strategy. We build competency in the model for learning professionals, consultants, and L&D/HR Departments.

LCD Model has introduced significant innovations in the L&D field including:

  • Driving On-the-Job Change through a NEW standard practice: a learning initiative level goal.
  • A method for evaluating and tracking the impact of multi-asset learning initiatives.
  • A strategic and clear method for identifying and developing learner personas that matter to the goal and the design.
  • A method for upgrading the out of date, where no model has before.
  • And finally, a way to take all the data and strategically select multiple assets across social, formal, and immediate ways, times and places of learning.

We drive on the job change by surrounding learners with meaningful assets.

Utilizing the LCD Model shifts learning’s impact and reputation from order taker and cost center to strategic business partner and competitive advantage


The Owens-Kadakia Learning Cluster Design Model

What is a Learning Cluster?

A learning cluster is a group of meaningfully selected learning assets across the flow of work that target on-the-job behavior change for unique personas for a specific business need.

Example Learning Cluster

On the Job Change Objective:

Aspiring managers will improve core managerial skills.

The business will benefit by:

  • Increasing the ratio of managers promoted from within vs hired externally
  • Increased employee engagement as demonstrated in the annual Coaching Index (where employees share their perspective on their manager)

On the job, we will see aspiring managers:

  • Applying the core managerial skills, even before they are promoted
  • Discussing the core managerial skills with their peers and mentees
  • Engaging in learning opportunities related to the skills
  • Expressing confidence and interest in moving up to the next level of their career
Learning Cluster Diagram

Ways to Upskill and Adopt the LCD Model Overview

We offer modern, application-centered DIY asynchronous learning through tailored experiences and ongoing learning through The LCD Community of Practice

Beginner Training for Individuals

The Fundamentals Of LCD Course

The Fundamentals of LCD Course

Just want a simple training course to go beyond the book or get to know the model? This async option is for you.

Learn the model, five Actions, and LCD Tools v2.0 through applying to a case study.

Receive the Fundamentals of LCD Certificate.

In Depth Learning For Individuals

The LCD Practicum

The LCD Practicum

An asynchronous year-long learning journey in the LCD model, centered on application to your work, for those who want to truly master and adopt the model. Includes Fundamentals curriculum and builds beyond.

Walk away with a learning cluster on an actual work project you bring, the LCD Practitioner Certificate, and get ongoing support for a year to knock out modern learning challenges as they come up.

For Leaders & Teams

The 90 day impact

The 90-Day L&D Impact Accelerator

An asynchronous offering to turn your team into strategic business partners, rather than order takers in 3 months.

Includes upskilling the team via the LCD Practicum, LCD Tools v2.0 and async consulting support on projects, as well as additional bonus aids to support changes with stakeholders.

For L&D Consultants

The 30 day high value

The 30-Day High Value L&D Client Bootcamp

An asynchronous offering to help external consultants upskill and use the LCD model to enroll higher value strategic projects, rather than lower value technical skill projects.

Includes upskilling on the Fundamentals of LCD course, as well as insider’s aids on building a strategic L&D consulting business.

Ongoing Social & Informal Learning

The LCD Community PracticeThe Learning Cluster Design Community of Practice (LCD CoP) is for those already formally skilled in the model to continue their growth in the LCD Model.

This includes 50+ real-world learning cluster examples, expert project support, community, community events, Tool Walkthrough videos, and more.

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