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Made for those that want to make a real modern learning impact. A practicum by definition implies a practical experience, guided by an expert. Moving beyond the book, we build your capability to design learning for your customers across the flow of work, while giving you a tangible deliverable by the end: a learning cluster for an active work project you have on your plate.


What if you had meaningful learning resources across the flow of work for employees and customers for every capability gap? 

The Owens-Kadakia Learning Cluster Design Model

We upskill professionals in the model and consult on projects to bring modern learning to life. Through five Actions and four Principles, you will transform the perception and impact of training into learning meant for a digital age.

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Fitting Modern Learning Pieces Together

In this video, Jess Almlie, VP of Learning Experiences at WEX Health, shares how the LCD model helped bring together multiple modern learning ideas into a strategy for business impact.



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In order to modernize, we need motivation in the organization. One of the most insidious barriers to change is the mentality that "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." How do you lead evolving learning when the biggest barrier is the organization's past and current success? In this open dialogue session, we will discuss as [...]




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